Cubebrush – 中国元素包

This brush kit archive have containing a models of Chinese style. the total number of objects 53. [ 这个笔刷包存档包含了中国风格的模型。对象总数53。] The model is designed for 3d / 2d sketches and game projects. [ 该模型专为3D / 2d草图和游戏项目而设计。]

All objects are triangulated views or decimation. [ 所有对象都是三角形视图或抽取。] To use the objects in the game workflow you should make a copy of the model and perform the operation Dynamesh-> Zremesher-> ProjectALL After that suitable objects for editing and bake On this page you can see the process of creating a set and my example application objects [ 要在游戏工作流程中使用对象,您应该制作模型的副本并执行操作Dynamesh-> Zremesher-> ProjectALL之后用于编辑和烘焙的合适对象在此页面上,您可以看到创建集合的过程和我的示例应用对象]

包含+ .RAR Chinapacksracracter kit + .RAR Chinapacksimvol kit + .RAR Chinapackeenvironment kit + .RAR Chinopackprops kit + JPG Tutorial + JPG Final kit and exempls + .OBJ .ZTL .ZBP + 53 of objects + Building exemple

更新日期:12月 11, 2020
文件名称:Cubebrush – 中国元素包


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